I have always felt a great sense of gratitude towards all my former patients who taught me so much about the profession I love.  Two of the most important personal principles of mine in medicine (& neurosurgery) are (1) to treat each patient as family, and (2) to regard each patient as a teacher.  It is this second principle that motivated me throughout my career to conduct research studies, write academic papers, and learn from each of my patients so that my future patients will receive better and improved care.  This handbook is a small token of my deep appreciation to all my patients – my real teachers.  As you read this Handbook, please take a moment to thank those who came before you, without whom this Handbook and the improved care I am now able to provide today would not be possible.

It is my wish and intention that this handbook will give trigeminal neuralgia patients enough basic information about their newly diagnosed condition so that their anxiety is eased, and they are better equipped to make educated treatment decisions.

It is also my great wish that the facts outlined in this handbook will give them hope.  Rather than asking “Why me?” as they suffer through excruciating pain, I want all those who read this to finish the handbook on a positive note, having hope that they indeed have excellent treatment options available to them that will result in relief of this awful condition.

With best wishes,

Joung H. Lee, M.D.
President, Valley Neurosurgical Institute &
Co-Director, Hollywood Presbyterian Neuroscience Institute

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