L.B. (48 years old, jugular tubercle meningioma), Studio City, California

April 25, 2017 by VNI0

My story is what they call a blessing in disguise. I was in a car accident not far from home one day.  I was hit from behind, and suffered a concussion.  This required an MRI, which revealed a meningioma. I was lucky to have been hit though, because the tumor was discovered while it was still relatively small.  However, it was in a very tricky location, at the base of the skull, attached to the cranial nerve (“vagus nerve”) responsible for vocal function, coughing and swallowing.

Once again, I was lucky for my misfortune, because the perfect surgeon for the procedure, Dr. Joung H. Lee, had just moved back to Los Angeles to look after his aging mother, a top expert who wrote numerous scientific articles and books on skull base surgery and meningiomas. Not only is he an expert in his field, he has an excellent bed-side manner.  In fact, his confidence in my full recovery fueled my confidence for the same. He even won over my mother, who can be skeptical of Western medicine. That was in 2014 (October 29).

Although it took several months for my voice to return to normal (actually better than before!), I feel Dr. Lee gave me a new lease on life, having been “cured” from a skull base meningioma. Today, I feel I am glad I went thru what I did to become the person I am today. Healthier, happier and more grateful for life’s natural beauties. Thanks, God… Dr. Lee and Dr. Lee’s mother!

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