Size and Outcome

Meningioma Size Outcome

Size of the tumor was assessed with respect to outcome (GOS) by dividing into 3 groups (based on a review of 800 operative cases, personal series):

Small:  Less than or equal to 2 cm in largest diameter

Medium:  Between 2.1 and 4 cm in largest diameter

Large:  Larger than 4 cm in largest diameter   

The incidence of “Good” outcome (GOS 4 & 5) patients goes down significantly, again in a step-wise manner, from the “Small” tumor group to the “Medium” group, then from the “Medium” group to the “Large” group.   No “Poor” outcome was seen in the “Small” group.  In short, the tumor size also does matter in how well patients do following meningioma surgery.  Patients with “small” meningiomas do extremely well following surgery.

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