Outcome Following Meningioma Surgery

I have reviewed my personal operative series of 800 consecutive cases performed at the Cleveland Clinic where I had a 21-year tenure as Professor & Director, Skull Base Surgery Center, and this study represent the largest of its kind to date.  (Prior study based on 600 cases was published in my book, Meningiomas (JH Lee, ed.), see reference below.)

How patients were doing 6 weeks after their surgery was analyzed using Glasgow Outcome Scale, a common outcome measure used by neurosurgeons:

GOS I – Dead

GOS II – Vegetative

GOS III – Dependent

GOS IV – Independent

GOS V – “Normal” life, returned to preoperative employment

GOS I-III are considered as “poor” outcome, while GOS IV-V represent “good” outcome.

At 6 weeks, the following is the outcome of my 800 meningioma patients:

GOS I:    5 (0.6%)

GOS II:   6 (0.8%)

GOS III:  23 (2.9%)


Total “Poor” outcome (GOS I-III): 34 (4.3%)

GOS IV:  70 (8.8%)

GOS V:  696 (87%)


Total “Good” outcome (GOS IV-V): 766 (95.7%)


Additional reading:

Operative Outcome Following Meningioma Surgery: A Personal Experience of 600 Cases

Lee JH, Sade B:  Operative Outcome Following Meningioma Surgery:  A Personal Experience of 600 Cases.  In: “Meningiomas” (JH Lee, ed.), pp. 209-212, Springer, London, 2008

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